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Is it time for Gun to make it big again?

Right from the off, in ’89, Gun were thrust into the big time: appearing on Top Of The Pops, supporting the Stones… Now, with a new album out, they’re hoping to get back there

Gun’s singer Dante Gizzi is recalling his childhood experiences that inspired Boy Who Fooled The World, the ballad that closes Favourite Pleasures, the Glaswegian band’s third full-length album since they reunited nearly a decade ago. “Friday nights, I used to plan out this sort of ‘religious’ evening. Go for my bath, then wait up until my mum came home – she’d be at my aunt’s house having a few drinks, and be back late. It gave me the opportunity to sit up listening to the radio, with the headphones on. I’ve got my finger on the ‘Play’ and ‘Record’ buttons, and I’m listening out for songs to record. If I hear the first ten, fifteen seconds and it hooked me, then I’d record it. That’s how I got into music, because I had this fascination with songs.”

Favourite Pleasures is the sound of Gun playing songs – big, heartfelt, melodic rock songs, with the pop tinge and funk swagger that made the band a rare British hard rock success story in the late 80s.

“We wanted to take it right back and strip it back to the way Gun sounded in the late eighties,” Dante says of their new album, during a break from rehearsals. “Taking On The World [their 1989 debut album] is quite raw-sounding, and we wanted to strip it back to that.”

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