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Five minutes alone with Fozzy's Chris Jericho

The flamboyant frontman explains why he thinks Judas could carry Fozzy to greatness

The Judas video got an unbelievable response. That must have been nice!

“Yeah, it’s been our most successful single ever! It’s charted higher than anything else we’ve done, the video’s on over seven million views so far, it’s been crazy. I was talking to Synyster Gates and Johnny Christ, because the first show of this Judas tour was back in May with Avenged. They listened to the song, they both thought it was awesome, and they said, ‘This is a lot of goodwill building up for you guys. Everyone knows you’ve been out touring, everyone’s pulling for you guys, and you gave them the right song at the right time.’ What we’re also getting is a lot of people that haven’t heard us before giving us a try, and they gave us a try on what is, in my opinion, our best song!”

You opened up the main stage at Download Festival this year – how was that?

“It was 11 o’ clock in the morning. You’ll take the main stage over anything, but at that time it’s like, ‘Is anyone gonna be there?’ But they came and there were, like, 30,000 people there, and they all came to see Fozzy! So there’s a lot of people coming to see us and a lot of people discovering us, and that’s a good place to be in. It’s a perfect storm.”

It’s gonna be five months between Judas the single and Judas the album. Did you always intend to leave it that long?

“Well, it’s funny, because Metallica released Hardwired in, like, August last year, and that album came out in November. Obviously, we’re not Metallica, but there was a three-month gap there. The reason Judas the song came out when it did is because we had the tours booked, we wanted to reintroduce people to Fozzy, and the album wasn’t ready yet. But there are many more songs as good as Judas on the album. It’s weird because the record company didn’t even want Judas to be the first single. There’s three or four more songs on there that could work – if this was 1987, we’d have five singles off there, ha ha! Every band will tell you that their next record is their best ever, and I’m saying that now, but I promise you, if you like what you’ve heard so far, you’ll like this record. It’s just as hooky and just as dark.”

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