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Dirty Deeds: an Interview with AC/DC expert Jesse Fink

We talk with AC/DC aficionado Jesse Fink to get the inside stories behind his revealing new book, Bon: The Last Highway

Bon Scott’s prowess as a lyricist was such that in his saucier moments he could wield a double entendre with a flair lascivious enough to make Mae West blush and Austin Powers bow down in reverence. With this in mind, we hope you’ll allow Classic Rock the indulgence of blowing its own horn; specifically, the horn of Geoff Barton, whose Classic Rock feature focused on the night and mystery surrounding Bon Scott’s death on the night of February 19, 1980.

Geoff raised new questions as to when Bon’s body was eventually discovered in Alaistair Kinnear’s car, and in relation to the identity and whereabouts of Kinnear himself, the combined effect of which was to “…put a whole new angle on Bon’s death”. That’s the opinion, of Jesse Fink, author of The Youngs: The Brothers Who Built AC/DC (2014), and the man behind the brand new Bon Scott biography.

As he worked on the book over the course of the next few years, Jesse revealed that he was on the trail of two very significant witnesses to Bon’s last days in London during February 1980, and was also attempting to take a closer look at the circumstances surrounding his death. The book, Bon: The Last Highway, with its subtitle ‘The Untold Story Of Bon Scott And AC/DC’s Back In Black’ was intriguing in itself, but the press release also teased with the promise of new revelations regarding his life.

Having written about the Young brothers and AC/DC in your previous book, The Youngs, was an in-depth look at Bon’s life the logical next step?

Writing a proper biography of Bon just seemed to be a good thing to do, the kind of big project I’d always wanted to tackle. The Youngs was a doddle compared to the work that went into Bon: The Last Highway. There’s so much worldwide interest in Bon’s life, and that grows with each passing year.

Beyond the tragedy of his death and the triumph AC/DC had with Back In Black, there isn’t a whole lot of meaningful info about Bon in those final years of his life, 1977–80, which is the focus, specifically his time in America. So I wanted to fill in that blank space in his story.

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