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The last highway: the untold story of Bon Scott's death

Exactly when, where and, especially, how did Bon Scott die? 37 years after the event, still no one knows for sure. In his new book, Jesse Fink throws intriguing new light on a dark story

In 2005, Geoff Barton’s Classic Rock cover story brought to light new information regarding Bon Scott’s movements the night he died, via interviews with former UFO members Pete Way and Paul Chapman.

In contrast with the widely reported version of events, Paul claimed to have been visited at home by Bon and his friend Joe Fury before Bon left their company, going on to meet up with the mysterious figure Alistair Kinnear.

Bon Scott biographer Clinton Walker had concluded that the name Alistair Kinnear was most likely an alias and no such person ever really existed. But Kinnear was real, and the year the feature was published he surfaced and consented to an email interview. The interview, which came in the form of a statement, was later published in a Metal Hammer/Classic Rock AC/DC special. Some 12 years on, author Jesse Fink tracked down some more key figures to try to piece together what really happened that fateful night…

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