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Tracks Of The Week: new music and videos from Joe Satriani, Lionize and more

Happy Friday folks, and welcome to another round of Classic Rock’s Tracks Of The Week! Which of these new slabs of rock’n’roll is the best? YOU decide, by voting at the foot of this page...

It's that time of the week where we present you, excellent people of rock, with a delicious selection of new tunes for your judging pleasure. Who knows, you might even find your new favourite band in here, or enjoy groups you already know – or both. Either way, let's first look at last week's top three tunes. In reverse order they are:

3. Towers Of LondonShot In The Dark

2 (joint second). Jack J Hutchinson and Black Label SocietyDeal With The Devil and All That Once Shined

1. Hell's AddictionWe're On The Road Again

Congratulations to them all. But who will sway your vote this week? We have no idea but are keen to find out, so have a listen to this tasty lot, then vote for your favourite at the foot of this page.

Now, who fancies another listen of last week's feel-good first prize track from Hell's Addiction? Oooh go on then...

Joe Satriani – Headrush

There’s a whiff of Eddie Van Halen’s Hot For Teacher noodlings, as well as Satch’s own Satch Boogie (in a looser sort of way), in this latest slice from the fretboard overlord’s upcoming album What Happens Next. Which is surely no bad thing for, like, anyone of the guitar-loving persuasion.

Lionize – Fire In Athena

Inspired by political protests in Greece in the 70s, Fire In Athena is one of our favourite cuts from the Marylanders' latest album Nuclear Soul. Growing from softer beginnings, it expands into a reach-for-the-sky fusion of fearsome soul and hard classic rock – all bound together with a stirring melody and kaleidoscopic video mixing outer-space shots with mythological and politically charged motifs. They're returning to the UK in 2018 with (Greek rockers) Planet Of Zeus – two bands well worth checking out live.

JD McPherson – Style (Is A Losing game)

Tattooed barbers and sharp haircuts form the backdrop of this latest video – and suave-as-hell song – from Oklahoma-born singer-songwriter JD McPherson. One of the better blenders of proper old-school tones (rockabilly, groovy rhythm n' blues) with more recent garage rock cool, he's on particularly sweet, effortlessly good-time form here. Tune in and enjoy...

Animal Drive – Tower Of Lies (I Walk Alone)

This thoroughly satisfying shot-in-the-arm of Skid Row-infused meat is the doing of Croatian hard rockers Animal Drive – taken from upcoming debut Bite! (due in February 2018). One of our favourite new songs to emerge from the Frontiers stable lately. Well done, boys.

Hunter & The Bear – Skin Tight

Be in no doubt: Hunter & The Bear want to be massive, playing massive stages. Or at least that's the impression we gleam from this punchy, arena-beckoning piece of singalong oomph. Keep an eye out for them in 2018, they just might blow up (in a good way!).

Sick Joy – Smiling Shame

Bringing together everything we liked about the 90s (quality grunge, shaggy hair, dirty yet hooky guitar music...), plus their own noisy pop snarl, these Brighton boys get a lot very right here. There's even a tasteful touch of prime-era Oasis, mixed with flattering edges of Nirvana, in the chorus. Which we actually like rather a lot.

The Scaramanga Six – Stabby Fork

Time now for some twisty, slightly Sparks-esque eccentricity (and yes, isn't that song title marvellous?), courtesy of Huddersfield-based renegades The Scaramanga Six – showered, here, in brightly coloured feathers and flowers. Keys thump, tempos change sharply, macabre hoodoo in the verses leads into an upbeat, foot-stomper of a chorus... You want well-executed alternative rock, oddball sensibilities pulled off convincingly? Look no further.

Cormac Neeson – White Feather

We're closing this week with The Answer frontman, in all his dulcetly-voice glory on this first demo from his upcoming solo album. Built on acoustic guitar and Cormac's cockle-warming pipes, it's a promising sign of what's to come...



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