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Mike Portnoy - My 2018

No New Year's Resolutions but plenty of Sons Of Apollo activity for Mike Portnoy ahead in 2018...

How was 2017 for you?
Mike: Another amazing year! I turned 50 years old and celebrated that with The Shattered Fortress shows all across the globe which was very emotional and some very satisfying closure

Did you make any New Year's Resolutions?
Mike: Nah... I always end up breaking them by Jan 3rd!

How do you view the state of the progressive music scene at the moment?
Mike: Every year it just keeps getting bigger and broader! In many parts due to magazines like yourself and labels like Inside Out... thank you for carrying the torch!

What do you have coming up in 2018?
Mike: 2018 I will mainly be focused on Sons Of Apollo... We have plans to tour all year long, all across the globe... Establishing the band name and bringing the greatest live musical spectacle to life on stage each and every place we play! I'm especially exciting about the special covers show we'll be doing with an orchestra in September in Bulgaria!
Beyond that, I also have a new Metal Allegiance album coming out for all you metal fans (with some select summer festival appearances) and I also start work on a new Neal Morse Band album in January... I also hope to some day continue work on the third Flying Colors album that we began last year as well

If you could achieve one thing for you or your band, absolutely anything, what would it be?
Mike: I look forward to seeing where Sons Of Apollo goes... I believe it has a little something for everyone. Prog, metal, classic rock... It's almost like taking ALL of my bands and putting them in a melting pot!

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