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What happened when we went to Knotfest Mexico with Bullet For My Valentine

Sickness! Tequila! Vaginas! We jumped aboard a plane to see what happened when Bullet For My Valentine took on Knotfest Mexico, and find out where they’re heading next

From the minute we touch down at Mexico City International Airport, it’s obvious Bullet For My Valentine are big news over here. We’re immediately mobbed by fans, some already known to the band, who clamour for autographs and hand over gifts of whisky and knitted dolls of each member. We’re here for Knotfest Mexico, where Bullet are playing the main stage, and local fans are stoked for the band’s return to the country. Whatever happens over the coming days, it’s not gonna be a quiet one...

Day One

10am: We wake up in the five-star Camino Real hotel, in Mexico City’s Santa Fe district, having finally slept off the brutal jet lag from the 11-hour flight. There’s no time to lounge around, though – everyone’s up and preparing for the day’s press call.

11am: Guitarist Mike ‘Padge’ Paget, perturbed by his split ends, takes a trip to a local barber. The rest of us – minus Matt and bassist Jamie Mathias, who are sleeping in – pass the time in a local shopping centre until it’s time to head to Rolling Stone México’s offices for a Facebook Live chat.

11.30am: “Does anyone feel a bit weird?” asks drummer Jason Bowld, and we all agree that we feel uncharacteristically out of breath. This, we establish, is altitude sickness: Mexico City is more than 2,000 metres above sea level, which is enough to make you feel a bit odd if you’re used to the lesser heights of Blighty. Jason might be the newest member of Bullet, having replaced Moose Thomas, who left due to family commitments, but thankfully he’s well accustomed to touring, having previously played with Pitchshifter, Killing Joke and Matt Tuck’s side-project, AxeWound. His position in the band has been upgraded from touring member to permanent, and the new record will be the first he’s appeared on.

12pm: A fan who looks like he could forge a career as a Matt Tuck-circa-2007 lookalike is waiting patiently in the lobby with a stack of CDs for signing. But the enigmatic frontman hasn’t emerged yet; he doesn’t appear until it’s time to leave for Rolling Stone.

12.30pm: Padge returns from the barbers, where it turns out he wasn’t the first celebrity visitor. “He said he had another band in earlier, and that he’d show us a picture on his phone,” says band manager Ryan. “But when we looked at the picture, it wasn’t a band… it was a big old vagina!” As you do...

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