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Teenage girl covers Asking Alexandria on The Voice Kids and it rules!

Watch a teenager sing Asking Alexandria's Moving On on The Voice Kids in Brazil – of course she goes through!

It's always fun when someone turns up to blast out some heavy metal on primetime TV, especially on so-called talent shows. Whether it's the 82-year-old man performing Bodies by Drowning Pool on America's Got Talent or a guy screaming along to Necrophagist on The Voice Quebec, there's something heartwarming about seeing the genre we love outside of its comfort zone. And it's even better when someone kills it.

Enter Lucia Muniz. The youngster appeared on The Voice Kids in Brazil recently to sing Moving On by Asking Alexandria, and she nailed it. It's not one of Asking's heavier songs, taken from their 2013 album From Death To Destiny, and her rendition instantly won over the judges in their big Bond-villain chairs.

Asking Alexandria's guitarist Ben Bruce even tweeted about her performance, saying it was "fucking amazing" and gave him chills.

Watch Lucia's rendition of Moving On below.

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