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Watch Pantera perform Raining Blood with Kerry King in 1989

Slayer's Kerry King joined Pantera onstage almost 30 years ago for a very special rendition of Raining Blood

Think of metal in '80s and you probably think of Slayer. Think of metal in '90s and you probably think of Pantera. But what if we told you the two bands collided just as one decade was becoming another? In May 1989, Slayer's Kerry King joined a young pre-Cowboys From Hell Pantera onstage at Joe's Garage, Texas, for a run-through of bona fide thrash anthem Raining Blood. In fact, a young Kerry King – still with hair! – stuck around to cover South Of Heaven and Judas Priest's Metal Gods, too!

Check out footage of Raining Blood and South Of Heaven below, courtesy of YouTuber ThrashGroove.

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