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The confessions of Cristina Scabbia

As Lacuna Coil celebrate 20 years of heavy, the singer opens us about the highs, lows and strangest moments of being in Italy’s biggest metal band

When we started Lacuna Coil in Italy, a career in metal was unheard of

"We started to make music because we love to sing and we love to play, but it was almost impossible to even remotely think about having a career out of it coming from Italy, from a land with no rock and metal roots whatsoever. There was nothing happening in Italy – there were a few bands that were beginning to become popular, but it was actually really rare. When it happened to us, to be projected immediately into an international market, on a tour with Moonspell who were already pretty big back then, without having any kind of experience and not even a record out, it was absolutely surreal."

We had our first meeting with Century Media on the floor of a clothes shop

"Back in 1997, we shipped our demo through the post to the labels we were interested in and [Century Media] actually sent us a fax telling us they were interested in us. The boss of Century Media decided to come to Italy to talk to us, and we spoke in my brother’s shop where I was working. It was a clothing store selling hip hop clothes and a little bit of dark clothing. There were no chairs or anything, so we all sat pretty much down among the clothes and rails wherever we could in the store and started to talk. We were interrupted every time someone came in. It was surreal."

My scariest experience was when our trailer hit the tourbus

"We were in the States and all of a sudden the trailer detached. We woke up to this BOOM! We realised we had been lucky we didn’t kill ourselves, and didn’t kill anyone else on the road."

We lost half the band on the first tour

"Our guitarists, Raffaele Zagaria and Claudio Leo, and drummer Leonardo Forti left Lacuna Coil after only three shows. That was already a crazy beginning for the band. We had only just started out and we were already having internal troubles in the band! We continued as a three-piece and with other musicians from Century Media to help us continue the tour. It was a pretty shocking beginning that taught us a lot. We had a lot of discussions and decided to go ahead, because this was our chance to get our name out there.”

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