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There's a Judas Priest name generator!

We've had too much fun making rude words look like Judas Priest's logo

Another day, another reason why the internet is both brilliant and very very silly.

To celebrate the launch of Judas Priest's new album Firepower, you can now turn any word or phrase (as long as it's 16 characters or under) into the iconic band logo. Head over to the Judas Priest Name Generator now to try it yourself!

We did with the word Metal Hammer (because duh!), and we've had to fire an intern after they printed off 50 different words for penis and stuck them up around the office.

Judas Priest's new album Firepower is out now and available to order from Amazon.

Listen to our exclusive interview with Rob Halford and Ian Hill now on iTunes and on Acast.

Rob Halford also joins Black Sabbath's Tony Iommi in the new issue of Metal Hammer magazine.

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