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Cannibal Corpse, live in London

Live Review

Venue: The Forum, London

Support: Revocation, Aeon

Some guy dressed as a pensioner DJs outside Camden tube station, gaggles of tweens queue up for Elliot Minor's Underworld gig and we spend Halloween in the company of death metal's biggest exports. There is also a man dressed as a willy.

Sweden's Aeon [5] are given the unenviable task of lubing the crowd up, but they go at it with vigour and it's received excellently – aforementioned man dressed as a willy hurls himself into the pit and gets battered about like, well, a willy. It's all very meat and potatoes in its delivery (nothing wrong with that – we're at a Cannibal Corpse show, remember!), but there's something about Aeon's performance that just doesn't sit right. Maybe it's the horrendous sound that makes every one of Zeb Nilsson's solos sound like they were cut and pasted into the mix using Microsoft Paint, but either way, their death metal dirges don't quite stand up to their usual live prowess.

Cannibal Corpse Setlist

Staring Through The Eyes Of The Dead 
Fucked With A Knife 
Stripped, Raped And Strangled 
Kill Or Become 
Sadistic Embodiment 
Icepick Lobotomy 
Scourge Of Iron 
Demented Aggression 
Evisceration Plague 
Dormant Bodies Bursting 
Addicted To Vaginal Skin 
The Wretched Spawn 
Pounded Into Dust 
I Cum Blood 
Disposal Of The Body 
Make Them Suffer 
A Skull Full Of Maggots 
Hammer Smashed Face 
Devoured By Vermin 

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