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Sognametal, live in London

Live Review

Venue: Camden Underworld

Celebrating the life of Valfar

“There’s a lot of mixed emotions tonight, because of course it shouldn’t be me up here doing this.”

Tonight, in the cosy confines of the Underworld’s backstage area, Vegard is preparing to go on stage to pay tribute to the songs of Windir, providing vocals in place of his fallen brother Terje. Better known to the world as Valfar, Terje is a figure familiar to most fans of black and folk metal (and of course black folk metal, the sub-genre the band helped pioneer), his death in 2004 (caught in a snow storm and cut down in his prime by the very forces of nature that so inspired him) was a tragic episode in metal history. Having already given the world four albums – Valfar creating two alone before inviting the members of a local black band called Ulcus to join his ranks –the group was immediately disbanded by the remaining members, with most joining celebrated black thrashers Vreid.

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