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Bigelf, live in London

Live Review

Venue: The Garage, London

Los Angeles rock proggers head into Highbury maelstrom

That Bigelf bloke Damon Fox, he's big. Especially when he's wearing his top hat. But Fox dominates the stage. He's set up right in the centre, standing flanked by keyboards. The Fox personality is as huge as his frame. This is his band, and he wants everyone to know it. Mind you, he's got the talent to back it all up. Here's what it all made us think.

There's no Mike Portnoy
Nope, the peripatetic drummer, who was on the road with the band for the first part of this European tour (having played on current album Into The Maelstrom), is off on another adventure. So, his place is taken by Baron Fox, who is Damon's son. Now, he is good, but somehow you get the feeling Portnoy would have added an extra dimension, as a counterfoil for the lead Fox's demeanour. Still, let's not be hard on the younger Fox (he really should be called Kit!), because he's more than proficient.

**John Wesley on guitar. That guy can play up a storm
**The Porcupine Tree man is in stupendous form. His style melds perfectly with Fox's overly exotic keyboards, and some of his playing is breathtaking. If Fox can hold on to him, and persuade Portnoy to return, then Bigelf could have a spectacular few years. However, given other commitments, don't hold your breath!

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