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And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead, live

Live Review

Venue: Dingwalls, London

Trickily-titled Texans play breakthrough album in full

Some cynics may argue that playing a classic album live is a sign of creative decline. Given their recent output, it’s difficult to level that accusation at …Trail of Dead, their new music proving to be as engaging and essential as their old. The second of two shows at Dingwalls sees the band showcasing 2002's Source Tags & Codes album in full.

Pitchfork famously gave the album a perfect 10/10 upon release, describing it as “dense, beautiful, intricate, haunting, explosive, and dangerous”. Debatably, …Trail of Dead have made better albums, (Worlds Apart, Tao of the Dead, even this year’s IX all have a claim) but most fans agree that Source Tags & Codes was a turning point from the youthful, acerbic, punk-fuelled energy of early days to the dense, prog-inspired odysseys of the band’s later career. 

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