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Jesus And Mary Chain, live in Manchester

Live Review

Venue: Academy, Manchester

The Brothers Reid return with a Psychocandy full-album show

Given that theirs is one of rock’s more fractious sibling rivalries, it’s a small miracle that JAMC are here at all. That they manage to still sound so head-slappingly powerful is another thing altogether.

The Reid brothers don’t look a whole lot different from their shaggy ‘80s pomp – aside from Jim’s cropped haircut, that is – and neither do they make any concession to making us believe the passing years have turned them into shiny happy people. If surliness were an art form, JAMC would be top of the class. The music hasn’t changed much either. No matter how much they blanket things in white noise, these songs have living, breathing melodies that no amount of feedback can deny.

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