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Quireboys, live in Newcastle

Live Review

Venue: Riverside, Newcastle

A homecoming for the Quireboys as the veteran rockers hit the toon

The Mayfair may be long gone but the Quireboys continue to keep Newcastle’s rock n roll reputation alive. As Spike and co. prepare to bring a busy 2014 to a close, this is what we learned.

Play to the crowd and the crowd will play along
Spike is one of rock'n'roll’s great survivors and it’s a breath of fresh air to see this genuinely endearing frontman play to his hometown crowd on the banks of the Tyne. He might not remember all of the words all of the time, but the decision to debut What Do You Want From Me?, despite pre-show misgivings, proves to be a triumphant move. Of course what a Newcastle crowd really wants from the Quireboys is as much Geordie jingoism as it’s possible to pack into 90 minutes and that’s exactly what they get: references to Alan Pardew, the Mayfair, the Tyne Bridge et al are greeted with roars of approval as Spike holds aloft his bottle of Brown Ale like a king with his sceptre. Bedford-based guitarist Guy Griffin looks on utterly bemused.

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