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NOTHING, live in London

Live Review

Venue: Birthdays, London

Support: Milk Teeth,

Looking like just about every sixth-form art student band circa 1998, all oversized knitted jumpers, scuffed Vans and possessing that coy, shoe-gazing demeanour that says ‘well, My Vitriol didn’t split up in my household!’, Bristol based quartet Milk Teeth [7] might seem a hard sell if you’re reading this whilst still in your Raining Blood pyjamas, tucking into a bowl of Frosted Kerry King-O’s. However, in much the same way that the earliest output of the Smashing Pumpkins resonated with many a metalhead in a profound yet somewhat confusing way, so does the blistering racket of Milk Teeth.

Perhaps for that very reason plenty of early comers have taken a gamble on the youngsters tonight and thanks to their caustic and noisy exertions few leave regretting their decision. Owing more of their sound to the likes of post-hardcore troupe Indian Summer or British shoegazers Slowdive than the grunge icons, though, underneath the squalls of deceptively luscious noise and rabid fuzz lurks a canny ear for song writing, that shines through the likes of Swear Jar and the infectiously catchy yet gnawingly melancholic Grease.

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