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Sikth, live in London

Live Review

Venue: Koko, London

Support: Heart Of A Coward, Idiom

When Sikth were last kicking round the music scene it was a very different time for British metal. They frankly, after the demise of Earthtone9, had absolutely no competition as the band for fans of intelligent, original, heavy contemporary music. With all due respect for the long gone and thankfully forgotten likes of Kilkus, Kill II This and Brutal Deluxe they couldn’t hold an unlit match, let alone a candle, to the Watford sextet. That is no longer the case.

Tonight in Idiom and Heart Of A Coward we get just two examples of the strength of our ever growing scene. Idiom are the perfect kick start to any party, their meld of classic nu-metal bounce and a much harder edged take on punk rock in the vein of Cancer Bats and The Bronx sounds familiar and refreshing all at the same time. There are precious few inside Koko as they arrive, but as the venue fills so does the love for Idiom. The band are constantly energetic, particularly frontman Matt Sharland who spends the set screaming, singing, throwing shapes in all manner of directions and has a decent line in amusing and engaging stage patter. By the time they end with Brain Dead, a song that has so much bounce it’s practically aural flubber, Sharland has left the stage and is slap bang in the middle of a huge circle pit. They make a lot of friends tonight.

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