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The Pretty Reckless, live in London

Live Review

Venue: Brixton O2 Academy, London

Support: Heaven's Basement, Nothing More

Taylor Momsen and her merry men came to Brixton Academy on a cold Wednesday evening. Could they heat things up a bit? Here's what we learned...

Nothing More's Elaborate Ideas Fail To Connect With This Crowd

One part chunky djent-esque riffs, one part big US radio rock vocals, the Texan natives offer an odd mix that has been turning plenty of heads this year. What really catches those present off guard though is their unconventional stage show. A contraption that holds a bass guitar while three men frantically tap at it and spin it around, plus a whole load of banging drums, where all four members are at it at one point, looking like an amateur production take on Stomp. While you get the impression the band are trying their damnedest to be unique and innovative, it undoubtedly impresses some present, but leaves many more somewhat perplexed as to what is going on.

Heaven's Basement Are In Desperate Need Of Some New Ideas

While there are glimmers of hope, such as Fire, Fire being a bit of fun, Heaven's Basement's set is largely a snooze-fest of the highest order. Clearly every single thing about this band is the by product of binge-watching rock behemoths crushing megadomes in the '80s. The problem with this is that in the six years this band have been active they don't seem to have injected any of their own ideas into the mix. As frontman Aaron Buchanan saunters around stage like a low-budget Mick Jagger and proclaims that this is the first time they've played Brixton in ten years it's a surprise their dust-covered dad rock ever escaped their local pub at all.

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