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Hacktivist, live in Brighton

Live Review

Venue: Audio, Brighton

Support: Dead Harts, The One Hundred

It seems fitting that as media outlets compete with each other to predict which sonic phenomena will dominate our ears in 2015, Audio is playing host to one of the most viciously modern of line-ups imaginable. The One Hundred [7] are far from the finished article, but their vibrant quasi-metal soundclash oozes so much punk vim that an initially sceptical crowd succumb within minutes of their arrival. It certainly helps that frontman Jacob Field is a charismatic ball of energy, possessed by the multi-genre squall of his band’s tunes and gifted with a versatile range of screams and bellows that bring to mind everything from Suicide Silence to Atari Teenage Riot. If you’re looking for an alternative to banal, identikit metalcore, this lot could well be the future.

Gnarly, chaotic and unrelenting, Sheffield’s Dead Harts [8] may seem a little out of place sandwiched between two bands that surf skilfully on modernity’s tidal wave, but there will always be a place for brutality and cruel dissonance in heavy music. Pitched somewhere between the excoriating bile of Converge and the beefed-up ‘core values of While She Sleeps, the Harts are not overly worried about getting people dancing, but a good fistfight can be every bit as cathartic.

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