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Mastodon, live in Bristol

Live Review

Venue: Bristol O2 Academy

Support: Big Business, Krokodil

Heavy on record, pulverising live, Krokodil [7] have barely been around five minutes but seem to have the world at their feet. A seamless fit for those yearning for some of the headliner’s riffier moments, Daniel P Carter leads the bearded guitar trio – minus Allesandro Ventruella, who (allegedly) is now in a certain band from Iowa – through the dense, deafening wall of sound concocted by the thrilling punch of Shatter and groove of Reptilia Familiar.

Sikth’s rhythm section are as flawless as you’d expect, however, vocalist Simon Wright steal the show with his bellows and screams echoing around the venue and rise above the music’s formidable volume. But what Krokodil achieve with six members, LA duo Big Business [8] almost reach with two. With the bass cranked up to maximum and drummer Coady Willis doing his best to frantically cram as many fills and rhythms into the set as possible, The Melvins rhythm section manage to imbue their sludgy assault with a great variety while being as catchy as hell. Bassist Jared Warren is a great exponent of some assuredly dry humour when the onstage smoke isn’t choking him, but it’s the epic closing voyage of Lonely Lyle that leaves the throng utterly captivated. 

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