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The Defiled, live in London

Live Review

Venue: Islington O2 Academy

Support: Avatar

There’s something about Avatar [6] that doesn’t quit sit right. It goes without saying that everything they do comes with a metric shit tonne of theatricality and even though you’re not supposed to take this band too seriously, the stench of Deathstars and 69 Eyes about what they do is unavoidable.

The opening one-two combination of Hail The Apocalypse and Let It Burn gets the large contingent of tonight’s crowd that seem to be here for them bouncing like a fish up a tree but it all comes off a little too Spirit Of Jazz for its own good.

There’s no denying the credibility of the usually mighty The Defiled [7] as they plough into a building-shaking As I Drown but the usual conviction and belief that they are the biggest superstars that aren’t superstars just isn’t with them tonight. Everything seems a little more laborious and workmanlike about them in comparison to when they steamrollered this same venue at the beginning of the Daggers cycle. There’s all of the crazy, wide-eyed gurns and rock 'n' roll bravado that comes with tracks as ballsy as Black Death and Unspoken but the sheer belief that the world is theirs for the taking is noticeably absent.

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