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Devin Townsend Project, live in New York

Live Review

Venue: Webster Hall, New York

The inhabitants of Ziltoidia 9 alight in the Big Apple for a brief, intergalactic soiree

“We rocked so hard,” bellows Devin Townsend at the end of War, a track from his third solo album, “that we broke the screen.” It's true. It's only the fourth song of the evening, but the image on the stage left screen is totally busted – a few jagged cracks made from pixels have replaced the moving images that were there.

Thanks to some behind-the-scenes whiz kid, it's up and running before the Canadian progressive metallers begin the next song, A New Reign. Introduced by Townsend as a “song about dying”, it's a gloomy, dirgey, semi-operatic requiem that does indeed feel full of the sadness and tragedy of death. Townsend knows it, too. “Enough of that miserable shit,” he chuckles when it’s over, discarding any leftover feelings of melancholy that may be hanging in the air and replacing them with humour. 

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