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The Xcerts, Live in London

Live Review

Venue: Boston Music Rooms, London

Purveyors of distorted pop begin to show their true potential

For many years, The Xcerts have been considered the underdog, playing second fiddle to their melodic rock contemporaries. Always the bridesmaid, never the bride. As frontman Murray Macleod put it himself in a recent interview, “I think a lot of people enjoy our music but think of us as the little brother of Brand New or Biffy Clyro.” With the release of their third album There Is Only You last month, that all looks set to change, with the band eschewing the abrasive off-kilter quirkiness of their second LP Scatterbrain and instead embracing huge pop hooks and focusing their energies on melodies that tapeworm their way into your brain, all the while writing songs about grief, anxiety and loss.

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