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Combichrist, live in London

Live Review

Venue: Koko, London

Combichrist headline London's Koko in Camden

Finding £40 on the floor really does lift the spirits. It's a feeling of elated otherness – an unparalleled level of complete luck and, well, that's enough cash to get you (slightly) tipsy at a London gig. Your reviewer has stumbled upon £40 on the way to Koko tonight; can Combichrist further improve this state of euphoria, or will they pale in comparison?

Once an overly cinematic intro track blares from the PA system for ten minutes – come on guys, you're not Wolves In The Throne Room – that 40 quid is but a faded memory. Andy LaPlegua and his morbid men march on stage to the spasmodic industrial racket of We Were Made To Love You, exuding a noise so cripplingly caustic that a bottle of Jack and week-old piss seems more appealing.

This band is just so tight; LaPlegua's hired guns belch through gang vocals, bash out meaty riffs and generally galvanise the pit into what is essentially an aerobics lesson. Even tub-thumper Joe Letz keeps his dicking about to a minimum – drumsticks are tossed willy-nilly every other beat and half his kit is toppled over at the end of every song, much to the chagrin of the poor tech guy.

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