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Aborted, live in Paris

Live Review

Venue: Le Divan Du Monde, Paris

Support: Origin, Exhumed, Miasmal

Who’s the most br00tal? Definitively not openers Miasmal (5) who brings a bit of good old school Swedish death metal to an otherwise quite manic bill. Still, with mostly guys coming from the hardcore scene, one could have expected them to have a more in-your-face attitude. But no, proud of their beer belly and vintage thrasher look, those Swedes have a surprising laid-back attitude. Shame that like their debut album released earlier this year, despite a very good EP prior to it, live they to make any lasting impression.

They may have been trying too hard to reek of putrefaction or fine-tuning their symphonies of sickness but the truth is that as far stage antics go, Exhumed (8) simply rule. Just like you’re still going to a Kiss show to see Gene Simmons spit out blood and spread his (bat) wings while he’s playing the intro of God Of Thunder, whenever Matt Harvey and his sick buddies are around, you just can’t wait for that moment when their lead guitarist will puke his guts out while shredding or when their roadie, dressed as a mad professor, will join them with a chainsaw for Limb From Limb. If Beavis and Butthead liked gore metal, they would truly love Exhumed.

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