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Ginger Wildheart's 50th Birthday Bash

Live Review

Venue: The Forum, London

Party hard

Take a second to think of the things that you love, not like or admire but truly love, about rock and roll music. Whatever that thing may be, whether it's the sound of overdriven guitars, massive anthemic choruses, the swagger of its finest protagonists, the attitude, the lifestyle, no matter what that one thing that drew you to rock and roll is you can guarantee that Ginger Wildheart has it oozing from his pores. So the fact that this most unique and, let’s not beat around the bush here, under-appreciated of men is turning 50 is an event worth celebrating.

This does feel less like a gig and more like a huge house party, something Ginger himself acknowledges when he first addresses the crowd by asking telling them to enjoy the party “with their faces and not their phones.” Before adding “If you were at a party and you were filming the whole thing then you might not be invited back to the next party, so if you see someone filming you can tap them on the shoulder and ask them to put it down… or if you’re a cunt like me you can grab the phone out of their hand and throw it on the stage.” It’s a typically old school approach to the art of live performance that makes those of us in the know revere the man so much. But if we’re honest, the main reason we are here tonight is to gorge ourselves on one of the finest back catalogues in rock.

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