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Status Quo, live in London

Live Review

Venue: O2, London

Rock ‘n’ roll relics prove they can still pack a punch, with Chas 'n' Dave in tow

Cockney charm is the order of the evening as Chas ‘n’ Dave, complete with a brass section, launch into their unique brand of Music Hall-esque comedy rock with Gertcha. Quite where they sit in today’s musical climate is immaterial as their infectious silliness has the audience – regardless of age – a least raising a smile. Plonking them on a corner of the stage in front of a curtain gives the air of a low-budget play, but as they work their way through singles such as London Girls, Rabbit and Ain’t No Pleasing You, they manage to keep an entire arena entertained.

In keeping with the air of a West End show, there’s an interval – a rare occurrence at a rock concert. A silhouetted Rick Parfitt then appears behind a curtain, striking poses to a ringing chord. It turns out this is the most theatrics we’ll be treated to all night, but as the Quo get straight down to business by launching into Caroline, it’s clear that their loud, bluesy sound can still carry a performance without any gimmicky staging.

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