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Michael Schenker’s Temple Of Rock, live in London

Live Review

Venue: Shepherd’s Bush Empire, London

W12 worships at the altar of Michael Schenker, this year's Metal Hammer Golden God Icon award winner

Tonight Michael Schenker plays the UFO favourite Rock Bottom. In 2007 he was occupying this very location. Booze and alleged road-crew mutiny aligned in an imperfect storm. At one show the guitarist was so drunk he sounded entirely like an on-line ‘shred’ video – those internet favourites where cyber-pranksters take footage of a guitar hero and add a new soundtrack of howling guitar-clown ineptitude.

Tonight, however, Schenker strolls on smiling and limbers into a little amplified étude. Then he and his band are off into the UFO classic Doctor Doctor, revving through this enduring piece of piratical rock rampage – a track Schenker co-wrote after the Brit rockers poached him from the Scorpions in the early 1970s. Hooray, then, for the Hannover Metall Maschinen Meister, the acknowledged Titan of Teutonic Topstring Torturing.

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