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Live: Parkway Drive / Heaven Shall Burn / Northlane

Live Review

Venue: Roundhouse, London

Australian metalcore heroes chalk up another victory

Maybe it’s because they’re still coming to grips with their new vocalist but there’s something increasingly pedestrian about NORTHLANE [6] tonight.

There’s a lot of buzz surrounding this Aussie unit, but it’s hard to pinpoint why during a performance whose tepid nature centres around a sound that’s djent-tinged and Deftones-lite. There’s not a lot of muscle or movement from crowd or audience outside of a closing Quantum Flux that leaves the jury well and truly still out on them. HEAVEN SHALL BURN [8], by contrast, bring all manner of thunder and their more metallic edge serves them greater with tonight’s mosh-ready throng. They may be more popular in mainland Europe than the UK but this barrage of a performance will do some good towards changing that.

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