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Five Things We Learned From Motor Sister's First Gig

Live Review

Venue: St. Vitus, Brooklyn, New York

Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian debuts his new band in his old stomping ground

Motor Sister, a new LA band featuring some very familiar faces, made their first ever public appearance last night at New York’s St. Vitus bar. Here are five things we learned from their debut gig…

New York Looks After Its Own

"Is that him on the right?" a gentleman standing behind Hammer enquiries of a friend as Scott Ian straps on his Jackson guitar, hardly the most auspicious hometown welcome for one of the most identifiable icons in heavy metal. It’s not that long ago since Anthrax received a heroes’ welcome from 50,000 New York metalheads at Yankee Stadium, though, so perhaps it’s understandable that their founding guitarist’s appearance in a 300 capacity neighbourhood dive bar is a bit of a headfuck for the locals. In truth, this gig must be something of a headfuck for Ian too, given that the guitarist only originally put Motor Sister together as a one-off 50th birthday treat to himself to pay tribute to one of his favourite ever bands, long defunct LA rockers Mother Superior: now here he stands alongside that band's former frontman Jim Wilson (with his missus Pearl at stage left) premiering a set of cover songs a full month ahead of their release on Motor Sister’s debut album Ride. In a room packed with old friends and familiar faces though, the warmth of the reception meted out to the Queens native for this homecoming is a fine omen for what turns out to be a special night.

Motor Sister Genuinely Merit Their 'Supergroup' Tag

The word ‘supergroup’ gets bandied around a lot these days – please, the union of Danny Worsnop with a bloke who played in Sebastian Bach’s band is emphatically not a supergroup, whatever We Are Harlot’s ‘people’ might believe – but the weight of experience on St. Vitus’ tiny stage tonight is truly humbling. Bassist Joey Vera – the man asked to take Cliff Burton’s place in Metallica in the autumn of 1986 – has over thirty years’ experience with Armored Saint, drummer John Tempesta can list White Zombie, The Cult, Testament, Helmet and Exodus on his CV, and, in addition to fronting her own band, Ms Aday has worked with everyone from Mötley Crüe to her pops, Meatloaf, over the past 20 years. This, friends, is a proper band. You can tell this by the way the quintet absolutely nail the extended Sweet Emotion-esque riff closing out Pretty In The Morning, huge smiles on their faces as they lock tight into the monstrous groove. This good after only a handful of rehearsals? Oh my.

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