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Soundwave 2015: Faith No More

Live Review

Venue: Soundwave Festival, Melbourne

Faith No More close the second day of Soundwave in Melbourne

It’s been said that the skill in attending a party is knowing when it's time to leave.

In the six long years since the cold day in hell when Faith No More announced their reformation, they slowly, inexorably outstayed a rapturous welcome as the march of time slowly flattened the suspicion that their frequently flawless sets might ever promise anything new, and even the most rabid devotees began to quietly concede that perhaps it was indeed time for the peerless innovators to at last call it a day.

That all changed when last year there began online portents of what we now know with delighted certainty: Sol Invictus, their first album in 18 years, is on its way, and more importantly this Faith No More are a band again.

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