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Weedeater, live in London

Live Review

Venue: Camden Underworld

Support: Dead Existence, King Parrot

Joe Hoare of Orange Goblin has the sort of grin on his face that can only be described as one of delirious fear. “This lot supported us in America. They're crazy. The singer always jumps into the crowd, punching people. It doesn't matter where you stand, you're in trouble!”

He's talking about Aussies King Parrot [8], a band so ridiculously hyper, they make most thrashers seem static by comparison. The small Underworld stage can barely contain their grimecore twist on the stoner sound. It's a ferocious battering, enhanced by frontman Matthew Young's frequent leaps into the middle of the crowd, lashing out as he goes. The only scar on their 30 minutes of action comes at the end when they say “Thanks”. It goes against the grain of a cascade of previous insults which litter their gloriously splatter performance.

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