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Danko Jones continue quest for real rock

Live Review

Venue: Oslo, Hackney

Canadian rockers bring riffs and sleaze to London

Without a word of greeting, Danko Jones launches straight into opener Wild Woman. It’s intended as a sonic kick in the balls to begin an hour and a half of raw rock, but the distorted mix makes the eponymous frontman’s voice sound strained.

Undeterred (or unaware), they press on with The Twisting Knife, another minor-key thrasher, which segues into The Misfits’ Die My Darling. The third song is a weird place to drop a cover, but the crowd are unperturbed – cheers erupt as soon as Jones finally addresses them, sounding for all the world like a hyped wrestling announcer.

Throwing out a couple of gloom-laden dirges at the start means it can only get better from here, and Jones’s humour instantly lifts the mood. He booms self-deprecating anecdotes, encouraging the crowd to boo the band for not playing London in five years.


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