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Ginger Wildheart lays his soul bare in Birmingham

Live Review

Venue: The Old Rep Theatre, Birmingham

South Shield's finest brings his 'Songs & Words' tour to the home of metal

Ginger Wildheart is an alternative British rock institution. He began playing in The Quireboys in 1989, where he made his live debut supporting Guns N' Roses, before going on to form one of the most important British bands of the ‘90s: The Wildhearts. Outside of that, he’s worked with everyone from Courtney Love to Michael Monroe and Mark E. Smith, and in recent years he’s challenged and redefined the very infrastructure of the music industry. He released his triple solo record '555%' via PledgeMusic in 2012, before breaking away from that model to set up his own online fan club, G.A.S.S in 2014. He also celebrated his 50th birthday last year, and as he enters the second half of his increasingly prolific life, he's showing no signs of slowing down.

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