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Devin Townsend, live at the Royal Albert Hall

Live Review

Venue: Royal Albert Hall

Ziltoid comes to the infamous concert hall

A few days ago London’s majestic Royal Albert Hall played host to composer Hans Zimmer, there to conduct an orchestra through his rousing score to recent sci-fi spine-tingler Interstellar. Tonight, a man dressed as a giant farting ball bag will stalk that same stage to the tune of heavy fucking metal. Devin Townsend is in town, and this is a very different kind of space opera.

The lights dim and cameras turn stageward. On screen, Ziltoid finally stops talking about poo. The audience bays hungrily. Devin bounds gleefully to the fore, dressed in the long black robes of intergalactic royalty, here at last in a venue befitting his stature, with a message for the puny humans before him. Waves of exultation greet him, echoing the record’s opening tracks, giant video screens depicting the story in animated comic panels as he conducts ceremonies, harried by a giant Poozer (the aforementioned farting ballbag). 

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