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As It Is: Five things we learned during their London show

Live Review

Venue: The Barfly, London

Brighton pop punks already look like stars at debut album launch party

As It Is celebrated the release of their album 'Never Happy, Ever After' with a gig at Camden's Barfly. Here's what we learned during a very sweaty Monday evening in London NW1.

**For the uninitiated, these East Sussex pop punks are already a sizeable proposition. Their show at the Barfly was booked to celebrate the launch of their debut album, Never Happy, Ever After and has long sold out – impressive, seeing as their first full-length was only released that very morning. Of course, their star has been in the ascendant since their video for Dial Tones hit the internet and has, to date, had over 900,000 plays and counting. Sure, their vocalist Patty Walters was already something of a star in his own right due to his previous life on YouTube, but let's not dick around here – this is a mighty set of stats for a band that didn't even have an album out until a few hours ago.

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