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American Nightmare return to London

Live Review

Venue: Electric Ballroom, London

Support: Departures

On occasions like tonight you would expect the crackle of anticipation to hang heavy in the air. But, rather disconcertingly, it isn't. More than a decade on from their last UK shows and with enough interest for a second night to be added, you'd expect more than the sight of a three quarters empty Electric Ballroom of people idly chatting and wandering around. Departures [5] don't help matters, their main support slot is brief and perfunctory but seems to reflect the general apathy inside the venue. There is a distinct lack of the fire and passion that this music relies on, and although there is nothing inherently wrong with their songs, Departures are to the headliners what Bush were to Nirvana – a pale imitation that contained everything other than what made the band that inspired them so exciting in the first place.

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