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Colin Blunstone & Rod Argent: The Zombies Acoustic

Live Review

Venue: Union Chapel, London

Former Zombie duo play career-spanning set in North London church

There are moments tonight which are special, even remarkable. Those are the times when Rod Argent and Colin Blunstone slow everything down, and allow emotions within these songs to flow. It's on these occasions that you fully appreciate how much of a symbiotic relationship these veterans have.

Conversely, there are other times when everything just palls and pales. Where the momentum is lost and the whole event drags. And then you understand why The Zombies never became iconic in the same way as The Beatles or The Who. 

Argent and Blunstone are an odd couple. The latter is edgy and nervous, and despite being one of the finest singers this country has ever produced, his lack of confidence is self-evident. This makes him seem overly reliant on Argent's presence, but the former is not only a consummate musician, who deserves to be considered alongside Keith Emerson and Rick Wakeman as one of the great keyboard players of his – or any – generation – but has an easy, charismatic rapport with an audience he clearly loves performing for.

Tonight is divided into two sets. The first begins with Rod Argent behind the in-house organ as he introduces Argent's Rejoice, a song he claims was added at the last minute to the performance when he spotted the organ earlier in the day. This leads into Breathe In, Breathe Out and Tell Her No

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