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Septicflesh, Moonspell and Deathstars conquer Ramona

Live Review

Venue: Ramona Main Stage, Ramona, California

The Conquerors Of The World Tour turns its sights on California

San Diego will always be known for its flawless weather, its drool-inducing Mexican food and its co-starring role in the Will Ferrell quote-a-thon, Anchorman; but if the local headbangers union have their say, “A Whale’s Vagina” will continue to offer a friendly and enthusiastic port of call for journeying metal crews striking through Southern California. Tonight sees the Conquerors Of The World tour arrive in Ramona, just outside of San Diego proper, for what promises to be a face-melting firestorm of industrial, goth and death metal.

 Deathstars [8] initiate the hedonic ritual with a bare-knuckled barrage of scything, industrial grooves and pulsating rhythms that draw generously from their four previous outings. That it has taken the band fifteen years to reach the shores of North America is at once baffling and maddening, as they could have easily eclipsed their genre peers in the US had they landed five years ago. Bristling with lustrous glam hooks, neckbreaking tempos and dark gothic atmospherics, the Swedish four-piece elicit a thunderous response from the house that suggests that they should consider wasting little time on a return trip. 

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