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Desertfest 2015

Live Review

Venue: Various Camden Venues, London

Sleep and Eyehategod recharge rock’s herbal essence


A suitably sunny Camden is full of good vibes, trippy t-shirts and a sweet, herbal smell in their air that follows you into the bowels of the underworld, rather aptly as it happens. As pleasant as drowning in bong water, Poland’s unsubtly monikered DOPETHRONE [7] also happen to play perhaps the most unsubtle brand of stoner sludge possible too. But they fucking rip nonetheless.

The crusty sludge of AGRIMONIA [7] initially feels like a raw assault, helped by Christina’s savage vocals, but as their set progresses, the demure Swedes’ subtlety comes out more. When the volume and the setting are right, the rolling thunder of BLACK COBRA [7] can sound like the most apocalyptic noise on earth. Unfortunately, whilst the setting is perfect today, half of the duo’s set passes before someone remembers to turn the volume up.

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