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Devin Townsend Project, Live in London

Live Review

Venue: Royal Albert Hall, London

Hevy Devy puts on a royally (planet-) smashing show

In the gilded grandeur of the Royal Albert Hall, on the night that Game Of Thrones returns to our screens, a regal chair is visible on a high, empty stage. This seat will not be taken up by Tommen Baratheon or Daenerys Targaryen, but by gothic war princess Queen Blatteria. She’s the mother of the Poozers – pink, squishy-looking creatures that Devin Townsend will later describe as “farting ballbags”...

This is the stripped-back sight that greets the 5,000 fans gathered in this prestigious setting for Hevy Devy’s latest London adventure. After playing four consecutive gigs for his concept album quartet in 2011, and putting on the musical-cum-performance-art madness of 2012’s The Retinal Circus, he’s about to bring Ziltoid sequel Z2: Dark Matters screaming to life.

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