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Stoneghost, live in London

Live Review

Venue: Camden Barfly, London

Can the groove metal newbies deliver the goods?

Sometimes we can be so blinded by the disproportionate hype and corporate blather that surrounds and often stifles so many new bands in our world, that real, freshly-forged gems can completely pass us by. But even though their arrival has yet to spark the interest of the broader rock media, Stoneghost are generating their own buzz by offering a deeply refreshing alternative to the conformist norm and by skilfully combining a whole shit-ton of modern heaviness' most desirable traits, from Pantera's sledgehammer grooves through to the artful mutations of Mastodon. It's a fluid formula that should, in a perfect world, turn them into British metal's latest superstars; whether it will or not seems to depend largely on how many people Stoneghost can reach on the live circuit, and so the gruelling upward ascent begins in earnest right here.

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