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Coal Chamber, live in London

Live Review

Venue: Koko, London

Support: Soil, The Defiled, Dope

Having ragged the fuck out of our flux capacitor and hit 88mph, we've apparently landed in the late nineties; Coal Chamber are finishing a largely sold-out sweep of the UK with a headline slot at Koko and everyone's really, really excited.

Turns out we are, in fact, in 2015. There are sadly no hoverboards in sight, but there is a new Coal Chamber album. More on that later, though – Dope [9] are on their first UK tour ever and they're making the other bands shake in their New Rocks. It's not clever, it's not complicated, but it's so fucking fun; Edsel Dope brandishes his guitar like he's just caught it from the ocean, forcing meticulously tight industrial metal onto a crowd that demands it. Die Motherfucker Die chugs along and coaxes the kung-fu loonies into the pit, while a riotous cover of Rebel Yell gets even the most jaded, balding cynic at least mouthing the words. Please come back, Dope. Please.

The Defiled [7] are – to phrase it politely – the most ambitious band on the bill, so it's a shame that Stitch D's guitar sounds like it's being dragged through a pot of gravy. Aside from this minor niggle, the London mob plough through deep cuts taken from 2013's Daggers – in particular, No Place Like Home is an absolute rager. Running In Circles, a thrashy yet inherently catchy number from their forthcoming EP, gets the audience – yep, you've got it – running in circles. As I Drown ties everything up and the AvD smashes the living piss out of his keyboard. Success.

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