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Primavera Sound 2015: The Big Review

Live Review

Venue: Parc del Forum, Barcelona

The worlds of rock, metal and indie collide in Barcelona

The eclectic Primavera Sound festival has been a permanent fixture on the Spanish circuit since 2001. Here's how this year's three-day bash unfolded....


As the sun beats down on Barcelona’s Parc del Forum, an unyielding concrete jungle of merch tents, overpriced beer stalls and just about the widest selection of music fans you’ll ever likely gather at one festival, Primavera Sound 2015 lurches into life. Hiss Golden Messenger make good on the scarcely-coveted early-afternoon slot at the Ray-Ban stage, their country-tinged rock ’n’ roll and extensive, bluesy jams proving that as an artist, you don’t need a huge crowd to have a good time. 

Much-lauded indie-poppers Twerps are up next, and trade heavily on the dream pop of Postcard Records, Real Estate and their contemporaries. In the middle of a sincere but joyful performance, they admit to crowd that this is one of the best sets they’ve ever played. It shows.

The same claims can’t be made by transatlantic noise-pop poster boys Cheatahs, who despite having made a name for themselves by slogging it out in London’s small, divey venues – plus a number of successful global festival appearances – are the first unfortunate casualties of being placed on a stage [adidas Originals] that swallows them whole. The usual bite of their jangling indie pop is whisked away by a gusting sea breeze, the vocals falls flat, and material from what was one of 2014’s most promising debuts [s/t Cheatahs] fails to grip the rapidly depleting crowd.

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