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Faith No More, live in London

Live Review

Venue: The Roundhouse, Camden, London

Mike Patton and co. headline two nights at London's infamous Roundhouse. This is the first round...

Time, they say, is a great healer. In the late '90s when Faith No More hated each other, hated their audience and their audience was starting to tire of them, you could have seen them in far smaller venues than The Roundhouse. Venues that were far from full. Tonight, mere days after they played to a heaving field at Download, tickets are like gold dust. And they will be again tomorrow, when they headline this venue once more. It's tempting to suggest that this is the power of nostalgia in full effect – tempting but inaccurate.

Because tonight as Faith No More step on stage, clad all in white and surrounded by the hilariously un­metal surroundings of fresh flowers, and Roddy Bottum teases out the sombre piano march of Motherfucker, the excitement is palpable. Opening with a new song when you have so many killer anthems in your arsenal is exactly the unexpected curveball you'd expect from the band. But there aren't many bands that could expect such a unanimously positive response from brand new material. 

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