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Temples Festival

Live Review

Venue: Motion, Bristol

The underground’s darkest flames light up the West Country

Temples is fast becoming not just a highlight of festival season but a necessary pilgrimage for the blackened and the bearded alike. With this in mind the organisers have added a third stage and also managed to bring over bands rarely seen in the UK.

Sweden’s MARTYRDØD [7] hit the main stage and you’re never really sure whether they’ll bring the death/crust or the shambolic chaos. Thankfully it’s the latter. YAITW’s [8] super-blackened hardcore opens up the floor with the band on fire and feeding off the energy the crowd throws back at them and LENG T’CHE [7] continue the rampant pace with a set that pummels from beginning to passionate end. TRAP THEM [9] bring the atmosphere of a club show onto the big stage perfectly. Vocalist Ryan McKenney spends the whole set in the crowd while his band bust veins and eardrums alike. Square peg? Round hole? Bollocks. Energy, riffs, nostalgia, neck-snapping ferocity. WILL HAVEN [9] **are as powerful and solid as ever. Playing to the heaving tent that is the third stage, **SLABDRAGGER’s [8] mix of Southern grooves and hardcore riffage is blissful brutality for the eardrums and the ale-crazed, surging crowd hang on every chord. 

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