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Hellfest 2015: Day One

Live Review

Venue: Hellfest, Val de Moine Sporting Complex, Clisson, France

All the hellish action from the first day of Hellfest

Following an airport scenario scarily reminiscent of Taken, we follow some plucky French lads and arrive in Clisson unscathed and unlikely to become part of a global sex-trafficking scandal. Which is fine by us; we've got some rock 'n' roll to do.

Sylosis [7] are brutalising Main Stage 02 as we make our way into the arena, serenading punters with their progressive thrash oddities. Their fourth record, Dormant Heart, is a genuine world beater; songs from the aforesaid opus contrast harshly with The Quireboys [6], who demand the entire audience shouts “YEE-HAW!” during Sweet Mary Ann. As you do.

Pomposity and excess are leaking through the borders of Clisson by the time We Are Harlot [8] slink on stage; a sterling cover of Queen's Tie Your Mother Down proves that Danny Worsnop's latest band are a capable bunch, while Dancing On Nails still makes us feel dirtier than Diglett in a dustbin.

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