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Deadly Circus Fire burn bright in London

Live Review

Venue: Barfly, London

DCF ditch the make-up and head to the Barfly

Deadly Circus Fire have a problem. They have stepped up a level or two and from now on will be judged against more demanding criteria.

Previous gigs from the prog-metal foursome have been enthusiastic and competent, but done little to suggest the multi­national band could make significant progress. Here, though, they've leapt forward, with a deft, commanding, fiery display. Now, there's both the combative spirit and long-sighted focus to be a lot more successful.

Every aspect of the Fire has improved. Frontman Adam Grant is tougher and so much better at controlling the audience – his voice is also more of a roar. Guitarist Save Addario throws out some lean Periphery related riffs, while bassist Mime Enort and drummer Paul Igoe offer subtlety as well as drive.

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